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Compare and contrast between Traditional learning and learning through the Internet

Since 2000, the Internet has become a part of our life. Everything happened in our life included the Internet, e.g. reading, writing, gaming, etc. We can read news on the Internet everyday, read e-book everyday. People can write something on the Internet everyday like on their blog, on the social network website. We play online game instead of single user game. More than that, even we play single user games on our own computer, we can still connect to the Internet to play games all over the world. It proves how the Internet pervade in our daily life. Except those activities mentioned above, there is an important element also attached to the Internet, that is EDUCATION.

Before studying on the Internet became popular, the only way we had learnt is from our teachers, or by reading books ourselves. No one had thought about that we could study through the Internet, a virtual world. There is a huge contrast between learning through the the Internet and through the actual world. They might have something similar, but mostly they are different. Someone thinks learning through the Internet is a new trend of study. Other people mi...

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