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Writing In Response Essay

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Chapter 1 Reading With A Purpose

To respond to a text in a meaningful way, a writer must first listen carefully to what the text is saying. Academic writing--- tracing the main argument. Academic texts---demanding, attentive, thoughtful reading. Thinking process dialogues with texts—active reading and rereading---all your mental faculties, including question, analyze, reason, weigh, draw inferences and more. Read texts that you write about several times. Understand what the text has to say, see the big picture, the main point. ---then make judgments, your own response. Having a clear understanding and full appreciation of another writer’s ideas is the first step toward developing rich, interesting, strongly supported ideas of your own. Put together the meaning of the text, make sense of the whole---concentration and tenacity. Socrates distrusted written word because he believed it weakened the memory and the absence of the writer allowed to text to be misunderstood. Writing is communication at a distance(spatial and temporal). By reading, know the world and have a world. Readers dual responsibility: strive to work out the author’s meaning, and at the same time they must work out its meaning for themselves. Basis of the dialogue that generates ideas for writing. We read with different purposes. Academic reading is more demanding. Close Reading(reading slowly, with careful attention to the text) is a f...

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