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Costa Rica Geography History Government And Economy People Essay

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Costa Rica is an exotic country located in Middle America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. It is between Nicaragua and Panama. It is 51,100 square km in size, and it's capital is San Jose. When compared to the United States, it is slightly smaller than West Virginia. It has a coastline that is 1,290 km in length. The population of Costa Rica is 3,710,558 (July 2000 est.), and the Population growth rate is 1.69% (2000 est.).


Some of the geographical features found in Costa Rica are craters, and mountain ranges. There are coastal plains separated by rugged mountains. Rich soil is also found throughout Costa Rica. The Most famous crater is "Poas Volcano", one of the mountain ranges is "The Cordilleras", and the highest mountain in Costa Rica is Chirripo Grande, which is 19,599 feet tall. The Climate is tropical and subtropical; there is a dry season (December to April), and a rainy season (May to November). It is mostly cooler in highlands. Temperatures are high 100 degrees F in the Caribbean Lowla...

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