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Federal Government Essay

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Federal Government
GOVT 2305

Unit 1: Foundations of American Democracy

Whitnee Branham Unit 1 Essay Federal Government 9/13/2014
United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers

October 27, 1787 was the day when the Federalist Papers where first published in the New York press under the signature of "Publius". The Federalist Papers brought political thought in American to an all high importance. After the Revolutionary war, many Americans started to realize that the Articles of Confederation was not doing much justice and was just not working in general. This lead to rivalry among the states over land, commerce, and the repayment of public debate. America strongly wanted a government that would maintain national unity but to a certain existent. Delegates then decided to meet at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 to find an answer to this new form of government that America was searching for. Their so...

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