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Regulatory Government Agencies Essay

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A. Regulatory Government Agencies (Accounting)
1. Professional Regulation Commission
(copy sa EB Cabrera)
2. BOA
(copy sa EB Cabrera)
2.1 JOEL L. TAN-TORRES Chairman
3. SEC
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4. COA
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4.1 Chairperson Maria Gracia M. Pulido Tan,
Commissioner Heidi L. Mendoza
Commissioner Jose A. Fabia 
Regulatory Government Agencies (Auditing)
BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE (BIR)As Mandated: 1) Assessment and collection of all national internal revenue taxes, fees and charges. 2) Enforcement of all forfeitures, penalties, fines and execution of judgments in all cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals and the ordinary courts 3) Administer supervisory and police powers conferred by National Internal Revenue Code as amended by R.A. 8424 or other laws.

Kim S. Jacinto-Henares
Regulatory Government Agencies (BUDGETING)
1. Determine cost effectiveness, value for money, and benefits of major investments and expenditures of the Commission; 2. Clarify and enhance individual and unit accountabilities of established systems and procedures; 3. Evaluate the efficiency of operations and determine whether CSC policies are being followed consistently in all offices of the Commission; 4. Correct deficiencies in established internal control systems and procedures; and MAGDALENA B. ARUTA

Director IV
Promotion of Presidential legislative initiatives and other Administration-sponsored priority policy reforms and development programs through a strategic information dissemination campaign and sustained day-to-day collaboration with the two Chambers of Congress, as well as with other interest groups JANET B. ABUEL

Concurrent Head.
I. Budgetary Overview
First, we shall define the national budget which is the government’s estimate of its income and expenditures. It is what the government plans to spend for its programs and projects, as well as the sources of funds. The budget process involves budgeting and the budget. Budgeting refers to methods and practices of government planning, adopting and executing financial policies and programs. The budget refers to a plan of expressing in monetary terms the operating program and means of financing of a government for a definite period of time. The national budget is spent for the implementation of various government programs and projects, the operations of government offices such as the payment of salaries, construction of buildings. II. Dimensions of the Budget

The budget possesses various dimensions. It can be classified according to the following: By Sector, By Cost Structure, By Expense Class and By Object, By Region, By Type of Appropriation. A. By Sector

The budget contains various type of expenditures. They are for: 1. Social Services Expenditure;
2. Economic Services Expenditure;
3. Defense Expenditure;
4. General Public Services; and
5. Debt Burden
B. By Cost Structure
1. For General Administration & Support Services or Overhead Expenses 2. As Support to Operations for the facilitative functions and services, staff and technical support 3. For Operations of regular activities addressing agency mandate Example: Production of goods, delivery of pubic services, and regulation, etc. 4. For Projects such as homogenous group of activities that result in the accomplishment of identifiable output within a designated period, whether foreign or locally funded C. By Expense Class & By Object

1. Current Operating Expenditures for personal services, maintenance and other operative expenses (MOOE) 2. Capital Outlays for investments, loans, livestock and crops, land/land improvements, buildings/structures, furniture/fixtures D. By Major Recipient of Government

The major recipients of the budget are:
1. The NGAs (National Government Agencies) – they include all agencies with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government 2. The LGUs (Local Government Units) – funding is released in the form of IRAs (Internal Revenue Allotments), special shares in national proceeds, credit thru the MDF (municipal development fund), and premium subsidies for local insurance 3. The GOCCs (Government Owned and Cont...

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