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Thailand Political Government Essay

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These are my list of keywords:
(if my chosen 4 are not available in the exam, be sure to know definition of these other ones) 1) Democratization 2)Colonialism/ Colonization 3)Collapse/Decline/Disintegration/Fall 4)Rise/Expansion 5)Legacy 6)Bureaucracy 7)Feudalism/ Sakdina 8)Warfare 9)Coup 10)Modernities 11)Market Economy 12)Tai 13)Jao Sua 14)Phrai 15)Bowring Treaty & Effect 16)Post Chulalongkorn 17)Indianization Theory 18)Candle Light Theory 19)Great Man Theory

Chosen for this 1 page essay part:
Market Economy
Great Man Theory
Bowring Treaty & Effect
1) 4 Keywords. Explain definition/meaning of the keyword and why significant to current politics. Throughout the entirety of the course, we have engaged in several discussions upon the many period of historical development of Thai politics ranging from the ancient period towards the end of Absolute Monarchy. The four keywords I found most significant to defining the current politics in Thailand are Market Economy, Great Man Theory, Legacy of Earlier Kingdoms, and Bowring Treaty & Effect. The subsequent portion of this essay comprises of the emphasis on the distinct definition of each keywords as well as their momentous role to Thailand’s politics today. During the Bangkok Era starting from the 1780s, there was a boost in the market economy or an economy that relies heavily on market forces to allocate resources and goods upon the determination of price. This expansion has triggered the centralization of...

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