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Not long after World War II and Soviet Union's victory to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in 1945, a new war began, the Cold War. The Soviet Unions were Communists and the United States were Capitalists. Australia was one of United State's allies therefore we also became involved in the Cold War. In 1949 when China became communists, Australia felt that we were in threat of communism. Australia's fear of communism came in two forms: the fear of communism spreading to Australia from Asia and fear of communism within Australia. The Australian government exploited the fear of communism within Australia and argues how bad communism is in order to cause Australians to fear communism and vote against it. At one stage, the government was even suspected for staging the Petrov Affair to try to gain supporters.

Communism is an economic system when all the property is owned and run by the government, everyone is equal, where private ownership of business or property does not exist. The Soviet Union was a communist country. When America became involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, as an ally, Australia also became a part of the Cold War. Australia was also a democratic country and didn't like the idea of communism. The Australian government saw communism as a threat to their government systems and their way of life. They believed in the 'Domino Theory', meaning when one country falls to communism, like a serie...

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