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Micro minerals
present in body tissues in extremely small amounts but have critically important roles to play in human nutrition found in a typical adult human body in quantities less than 5g required by a typical adult human body in quantities of 1mg-100mg per day

MicroMinerals | Functions | Sources |
DeficiencY |
Excessive Intake |
1. Chromium (Cr) | Involved in the functioning of skeletal musclehelps to regulate blood glucose, cholesterol and insulinalso helps your body metabolise the macronutrients and nucleic acidsboosts the immune system and keeps the arteries soft and supple | Cereals Cheese

Fresh fruit
Weakness high blood pressurehyperinsulinemia | |
2. Copper (Cu) | antioxidant supports the production of collagen ,elastin, haemoglobin ,melanin and myelin reduces your risk of developing arthritis and lung cancer. | Cocoa; Liver;
Raisins. | hair loss; disturbances to the nervous system;bone diseases.

 anemia, brain disturbances, breathing difficulties, skin sores weakness. | Wilson’s diseaseabdominal pain, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, heart problems, high blood pressure, increased premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, jaundice, liver damage, muscle and joint pain, vomiting and weakness. | 3. Manganese (Mn) | Antioxidant properties; 

Formation of strong healthy bones, nerves, and muscles;
| Avocados;
Whole-grain cereals. | Bone deformities;
Rashes & skin conditions;
Reduced hair growth;
Retarded growth (in children). | associated with brain conditions such as symptoms similar to those resulting from Parkinson's disease.  | 4. Selenium (Se) | Antioxidant properties boosts the immune system -

| Egg yolk;
Whole-grain flour. | Cardiomyopathy;
Kaschin-Beck disease | Excessive intake can lead to selenium poisoning. | 5. Sulphur (S) | Healing build-up of toxic substances in the body;
| Beans;
Dairy produce;
Meat . | | |
6. Zinc (Zn) | Needed for functioning of many (over 200) enzymes; Strong immune system; | Dairy produce;
Egg yolk;...

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