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Technology On Governments Essay

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When it comes to organizations whether in the private or public sector, one thing is for sure, management plays a vital role. Management can have such a great effect on organizations and the way in which they operate. It is important to realize that the type of management that dwells within an organization helps to shape and mold the entity as a whole. In the workplace some employees have experienced various styles of management; whether it was good and/or bad, it can have its effect on the work atmosphere. An organization that would be deemed prosperous and successful would more than likely possess flexibility amongst its employees, and highly skilled and educated management. When efficient management is present within an organization, it helps to promote an accurate and effective structure of the organization. In this particular chapter of, “Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach,” written by Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill it summed up the book as a whole and discussed the three dimensional approaches of managing.

When thinking of the workplace environment from the aspect of management, it can be relatable to three dimensions: structure, culture, and craft, and I know this because I have experienced this in my line of work in corrections. Employees and managers create the actual work environment; employers generally carry out the everyday functions of the organization while managers lead and aid in steering the organization to fully achieve and fulfill their mission and goals. The typical responsibilities of managers and supervisors include delegating work to other employees and overseeing projects and tasks, which is why it is critical for them to have mastered the three dimensions to assist them in better leading organizations. Public managers who are unprepared to manage in all three dimensions are likely to be ill-equipped to deal with the kinds of problems that have significant political and programmatic ramifications for their effectiveness and reputations (Hill & Lynn, 2009). Think about it, how can you be an effective leader if you lack being well- ...

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