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The Role Of Government Policy Essay

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The Role of Government in Policy-Making
Bobbie Souder
November 13, 2011
HSM 240
Lynn Duong Mauricio

There are eight tasks that the people and the legislation have to do in order to get bills passed. The first task is for an interest group to define the issue and agree to what the problem is and what they want the legislation to do about it. The second task is to set up a paper about the pros and cons of the problem or issue and summarize what they know and don’t know about the problem. The third task is to create a solution to the problem through public policy, program decision or provision that would eventually fix the problem. The fourth task is to get the public to support you. The fifth task is to convince the legislation into signing on by introducing it as a legislative bill. The sixth task is to organize hearings with the committee to talk about the bill. The se...

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