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Government And Economic Marshall Islands Essay

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Don’t be fooled by the title. It’s not as boring as it seems. Though it’s not Marshall Islands’ best field, the government, aid from the U.S., the downfalls of the economy, the political parties from the past, and nationalism are still major factors that makes the Islands different from the rest. The government in Marshall Islands is a mixed parliamentary system representative democracy republic. A parliamentary system is a body of cabinet members who are chosen and are responsible to the legislature. A representative democracy simply means there is no direct democracy; the people elect who will represent them in congress. Lastly, republic means the people and their elected representatives hold supreme power. The following three branches of Marshall Islands are: legislative, judicial, and executive. It also has as an agreement with the U.S. that is called The Compact of Free Association, which is when the United States give money and protection to the islands in exchange for an atoll to test nuclear bombs. ...

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