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Government; Order vs. Restriction
Kailah Clarke

In Government
Craig Richardson

Kailah Clarke
Participation In Government
Government; Order vs. Restriction
Government is the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states. Like many of authority, Government has its "Pros" and cons. There are many types of Governments such as Oligarchy, Monarchy, and anarchy. The main call for Government when it was first established was to have order and stability in society. However, many would argue that Government serves as more of a restriction for some rather than its original purpose to protect the people. Furthermore it is imperative for government to be strict because without restriction order would not exist, but in some cases the government does not always make the right decisions and many evidence of this is found in the current day. As the world had witnessed atrocities in Syria, the use of (weapons of mass destruction) the world had struggled to find out a solution to Syria’s political problems. This is after the Syrian army supporting the presidents use of poisonous gas that killed 1,400 innocent civilians. The beginning of the conflict in Syria two years ago was the people’s struggle to oust the president Bashar Assad from power who has been ruling the country as a dictator for the past twenty years. There are so many groups In Syria interested in ousting the president, as well as other groups that are supporting the president. These groups are; Hizbullah,Jihadist,Shiite,Sunnis,Christians, and Al Qaeda. These various groups have made political solutions in this conflict nearly impossible because their leaders and objectives are unknown. This makes it difficult for the United States to determine what group to support since some of them have ties to Al Qaeda.

   As the war progressed in Syria things really began to get worse, which led to other problems in the Syrian community. The killing in Syria st...

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