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Version Aug 28.5, 2012

Course Description

This class introduces students to the organizing principles and structures of the three levels of Canadian government; federal, provincial and municipal. The focus is particularly directed at the permanent public service and seeks to examine the collective “whole of government”influence on Canadian affairs. For those of you interested in business—the majority no doubt— this is an important course as it provides an understanding of the core structures businesses must understand when dealing with government. As citizens, this course provides you a framework for understanding how you might protect your rights.

Learning Objectives

This introductory offering in public administration puts forward the following objectives:

* To provide an overview of the organizational structure and responsibilities of Canadian federal public sector organizations * To introduce you to the basic management framework for Canadian public sector management * To survey public sector structure and management differences in the federal, provincial and municipal governments * To understand public sector influences on Canadian business and civil society * To increase your skills and confidence in conducting research and writing papers

Approach Taken
The course will consist of three hours of interactive lecture given weekly through two 1.5 hour classes in accordance with the schedule provided later in this syllabus. You will be expected to prepare for each class by reading the assigned readings and actively participating in classroom discussions. As outlined in the evaluation section, class attendance and participation will be assessed.

All course administration and assignment submissionswill be conducted through BBlearn.

Important Note about Course Content and Assessment

The approach to the course is similar across all four sections. However sections will deviate based on the individual class discussions and the issues individual professors will raise in their respective classes. Note that the professor for your section is responsible for assigning your mark including participation points.

Your section professor is responsible for developing the mid-term and final exams for his/her particular section. As such, while exams may be similar in format, they may differ in specifics. In addition to the readings listed, in this syllabus, you may also be assessed on material covered during class discusions. You are responsible for attending the specific section of the course in which you are registered. So do not “squat” in other sections.

Learning Materials

For each class there are perscribed readings identifed in this Syllabus and it is important that you read those materials before class so you’re in a much better position to participate in class discussions. Do not let yourself fall behind in your readings.

The learning materials are :
1. Textbook -C.Richard Tindal. “A Citizen’s Guide to Government,” 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Toronto 2005- available in the book store.

2. Short Reader for Bachelor of Management 2801 Government Structure Fall 2012- available from Julia's Photocopy, 1525 LeMarchant St. 902-425-4722 [email protected] This short reader contains those readings not available electronically except for the Tindal text which you should purchase. NOTE – these individual readings will be placed on 2 hour reserve in the Killam Library. However we are allowed to place only one copy on reserve per 30 students. Consequently, it is best to secure your readings well in advance of when they need to be read.

3. Class BBLearn Site Readings where publicly available, are on the class BBL site to be downloaded.

A Full 2801 Reader which includes items 2 and 3 above, can be ordered from Julia's Photocopy, 1525 LeMarchant St. 902-425-4722 [email protected]. While more costly, it will provide you, in one place, all the readings except for those in the Tindal text which you should purchase from the book store.

Communications via BBLearn:

A BBlearn site will be established to support your section of this course and it will be the primary tool for course communications. You are responsible for submitting all assignments via the BBlearn site for your section by midnight (11:59 p.m.) on the date due.

The BBLearn site will be populated with class lecture slides, and possibly other materials as the term develops. These readings are not intended to cover all material included in the course and you’re responsible for considering all readings, handouts, videos, newspaper articles, and lecture comments when preparing for the midterm and final examinations.

Method of Evaluation
* Assignment | * Due Date | * % of Final Mark | * Attendance | * Throughout Term | * 4% | * Particpation | * Throughout Term | * 3% | * Autobiography | * September 15th @ midnight | * 3% | * Individual Writing Assignment Essay #1 | * September 28th @ midnight | * 15% | * Mid-term Exam (topics 1-8) | October 10th or 11th, TBA | * 20% | * Individual Writing Assignment Essay #2 | * November 9th @ midnight | * 15% | * End of term Examination (all topics) | * During formal examination period, December 2012 | * 40% | * Total | * 100% |

Submission of Written Assignments

All assignments are expected to be submitted electronically through BBLearn on the due date, unless otherwise approved by the instructor. Ten percent (10%) will be deducted for each 24 hour period that the assignment is late and after 72 hours a mark of zero (0) will be rendered. If you are at all concerned or uncomfortable that your assignment upload was unsuccessful, the assignment may be emailed to your TA as a backup.

It is your responsibility to doublecheck your file uploads. Any submissions missing file extensions or assignment attachments will be considered a non-submission. The required format for electronic submissions is Word 2007 (.docx). The file name should include your first initial and last name followed by the assignment name such as J Public 1st short.

Note that all assignments are individual assignments.

Components of the Course
The course is composed o...

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