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1. Thomas Abraham Clark, the son of a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, was born to extreme wealth. He was educated at home by private tutors, and entered local politics at a very early age. He soon rose to the top of his state in politics. Having traveled extensively in Europe, he is obsessed with the tyranny of European governments. He has corresponded with Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson. He is convinced that a strong government headed by a king is and has been, the curse of mankind throughout history. Under the Articles of Confederation, Thomas's law practice has prospered, but he is concerned over the inflated value of some colonial currency. 

Thomas Abraham Clark is a ... A. Federalist

B. Anti-Federalist
C. Undecided

Thomas Abraham Clark is best categorized as an Anti-Federalist. He is fearful of the tyranny of strong, centralized government. Thomas is also established as a political leader at the state level. He has corresponded with, aligned with prominent anti-federalists of his time. He is satisfied with the Articles of Confederation (anti-federalist agreement). His only concern that links him to Federalism is that of inflated value of some colonial currency (i.e., a federally regulated monetary system would address this issue).

2. Josiah Bartlett was born the son of a farmer. He has little formal schooling, but has read extensively. At twelve, Josiah left home to serve an apprenticeship as a cooper. By the age of eighteen, Josiah set out to make his mark in his state. Working as an overseer on small plantations, he soon saved enough money to begin buying land of his own, and by 1775 he owned half the land in his state. Rather than operating large scale and exclusively slave plantations, Josiah invested in smaller farms operated by indentured servants. He ships a great deal of cotton to Europe. His economic interests are...

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