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This article will study in United Kingdom e-government and evaluate how the UK’s e-government process. The United Kingdom e-government comes with easy memorable URL as, this is short and it’s only provides English. However, the web site has front page to provide over 200 world locations, for example, when you click “China”, it will has Chinese language for your selection. Furthermore, the web page will show much news and get embassy information with China. There have “welcome” message in the UK’s home page.

“Welcome to GOV.UK - The best place to find government services and information Simpler, clearer, faster”1. Same as the slogan, UK’s government website is quite user friendly and it’s using the clean, pain background, make people feels comfortable while seeing the web site. Thus, in the web page you could find the video slip such as “the Chancellor’s Budget speech” etc, not only text information provided. Same as the slogan, the website using simple wording to fulfill all citizen even though lower education level. In the Home page, it’s distribute different services and information subjects and mainly for citizen or those who living in United Kingdom. The target group distribute as: Working group, Student, Retire people, Visitor. In the Home page, people could find general service and information needed as : Driving and transport, employing people, working job and pension, money and tax, citizenship and living in UK, benefits, passports travel and living aboard, housing and local services, births deaths marriage and care, visa and immigration, business and self-employed, education and learning, crime justice and the law, disable people, environment and countryside. Besides, at the middle of home page, there have linking for 24 ministerial departments and 331 other agencies and public bodies that can see all polices, announcements, updated information and consultations.

If above categories couldn’t fulfill our needed, it’s also be ready with the function for “Searching” keyword. However, it will be much better if the home page has some basic information such as the capital weather and, or the map of United Kingdom. At the right top corner of home page, you may easy to found the latest regulation and policy when yo...

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