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Unit 5 Assignment American Government Essay

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Unit 5 Assignment
People, Power, and Politics: An introduction to American Government Kirstin Falkowsky
Kaplan University

I currently live in the wonderful city of San Bernardino, home of Cal State University San Bernardino, fabulous mountain views, and depending on which part of the city you’re actually standing in, heaps of graffiti, gangs, and a Target shopping store that leaves much to be desired. San Bernardino is located in the 31st congressional district of California, along with Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, and many smaller cities. It is an urban setting, continuing to develop, grow, and change daily. Little by little there is hope on the horizon, with noticeable improvement in schools, better shopping and restaurant options, and cleaning of the city, things seem to be looking up for this not so little city.

California has a mass amount of Congressional Representatives, however, the representative of the 31st congressional district is none other than Congressman Pete Aguilar. Con...

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