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Governmental Design Essay

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The office of president designed at the Philadelphia Convention was very unique compared to other executives of government in history. The delegates spent most of their time at the convention on the design of the legislative branch. The delegates at the Philadelphia Convention alsowanted an executive strong enough to check the power of the legislative, but not to powerful that it would endanger the new republic government. To make sure the president would not have too much power the framers decided the president would be in office for a term of four years. The founders agreed that the president would be allowed to run for reelections because the term would be for four years not the original design of seven year terms. However the process of how the president was to be elected was a difficult decision. If the founders chose a direct election they would risk uneducated votes. The founders did not want Congress to pick the president because they did not want the president beholden to Congress.Finally they decided that the president should be elected t...

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