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Government Necessary In Our Life Essay

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Let's imagine that in this world with no government, I'm typing this article for you on my MacBook right now. And let's imagine that there's a very large man--we'll call him Biff--who doesn't especially like my writing, so he walks in, throws the MacBook on the floor, stomps it into little pieces, and leaves. And before leaving, Biff tells me that if I write anything else he doesn't like, he'll do to me what he did to my MacBook.

Well, in doing that he just established something very much like his own government. It is now, as a matter of practice, against Biff's law for me to write things that Biff doesn't like. The penalty is severe, enforcement fairly certain (at least within this jurisdiction). And who's going to stop him? Certainly not me; I'm smaller and less violent than he is.

But Biff isn't really the biggest problem in this no-g...

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