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Analytic Memo Government Programs Essay

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Deedra Moore
March 2, 2011
A.M. 2
1. What is the author’s thesis/main argument?
The government programs put in place for drug education are flawed and ineffective because of the mistrust from the teenagers that the information is true. The programs are not making clear distinctions between use and abuse and not providing information on what to do if you do take part in the drug. They have exaggerated information by saying that people who try marijuana will do a harder drug. Drug education programs are using scare tactics instead of safety on using drugs such as how to avoid driving drunk, how to use a needle in shooting up drugs and dispose of it and factual information about the effects of drugs. Teenagers ignore the information about drugs when they feel they are being made to follow directions and obey rather than make decisions on their own. They feel betrayed and undermined. 2. What evidence does the ...

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