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City Government System Essay

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City Government System
August 12, 2013

City Government System
In every state in the United States of America, cities are run by a city government system. This system is comprised of a mayor, commissioners, and the city council. These individuals are elected by the city residents who can vote. These officials are sworn to uphold and maintain the city’s regulated laws to include the budget and finances, issues and problems, and miscellaneous endeavors. Government Structure for Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina is a city that operates under a government structure that consists of a council-manager system. The council is responsible for appointing a city manager who would perform the duties as the city’s chief administrator (City of Durham, 2013). The Durham’s city council consists of the mayor who is the presiding officer. He has an equivalent vote. There are six city council members who are elected every other year via overwhelming terms. Out of these six city council members, three members are chosen at-large and the other three are chosen via residential districts (City of Durham, 2013). Durham’s city council has unconditional policy-making and legislative power. The city’s manager is responsible for the execution of Durham’s ordinances, programs, and policies. The Department of Community Development oversees Durham’s community and housing development programs. This department’s mission is to promote decent, safe, and neighborhoods that are sustainable. The department is responsible for the enhancement of quality housing, which would make the cost of housing affordable for the residents of Durham (City of Durham, 2013). This department also operates CDBG, ESG, and HOME allowance program assets that comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And this department is liable for the implementation and development of the Durham Consortium Consolidated Plan (City of Durham, 2013). Durham County’s Government System’s Origin

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