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Should The United States Federal Government Essay

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In the fall of 2008, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler-known for decades as the Big Three encountered a very serious automotive industry crisis that they haven’t met before. This unprecedented crisis made these three leading companies in automotive industry step at the edge of bankruptcy. Facing this critical problem, automotive companies can not deal with this severe difficult situation all by themselves then they turn to the United States Federal Government for help not only once but several times. According to a report published by Center for Automotive Research in the United States, the United States Federal Government successfully avoids a lose of 28.6 billion dollars by offering assistance to automotive manufacturers in this crisis. Even though this amount of money can not be comparable with the tremendous amount of money the United States Federal Government loaned to the automotive industries, it does demonstrate that the government has done something really helpful and successful in term of the outcome of this action and the federal government’s functions in some extent. Therefore, as far as I am co...

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