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5 Reasons To Trust Distrust The Government Essay

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5 reasons to trust/distrust the government
There are many reasons to trust our government; they keep us safe, they protect us and they even watch out for us. One of the main reasons that encourage us to trust the government today is due to the forethought and effort put into its creation by our founders. Our founding fathers were very careful to ensure that the government they were creating with the Constitution would prevent the imposition of a tyranny over the people. Three separate branches of government, all with their own distinct powers, would share power in order to govern. (Schmidt et al, 2010, pg.50). In addition to this, a Bill of rights would ensure the basic rights of every individual.

Our second reason as to why we trust the government is that each branch of government would have a system of checks and balances to over ride the others if needed. The president would have veto powers over the legislative branch, nominate federal judges, and can exercise his executive pardon privileges. The legislative branch requires the presidents to sign a bill, but can over ride his veto with enough votes. They also get to confirm his judicial appointments, and can amend the constitution. The judicial branch can declare that a law or policy made by the other branches is unconstitutional. Checks and balances like these insure that one branch can check or stop the actions of the other branches. (Schmidt et al, 2010, pg.52).

The third reason why we trust the government is that there is a big emphasis on returning back to school. Pell grants are now being given to those who make less than 45,000 a year, this way they can return back to school and better themselves. Right now, even if you have a high school diploma, you don't make anything over minimum wage. So to encourage everyone to go back to school is a good thing. This way when people do get hired they will get someone with a degree of some sort. Another reason we trust the government is that our nation is safe due to the NYC police department’s fast response to Times Square. On May 1, 2010; NYC’s bomb squad was alerted to an S.U.V. in Times Square that had s...

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