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Woman in the
19th & 21st
People weren’t always the same. People weren’t always as we are now. Men and women each had different roles in life. Women had different roles back then than what they have now a days. Things back then were much more different than how they are today. Each gender had their own things going on. Each gender had their responsibilities to take and had them done. They each had different roles. Now women’s and men’s roles are varying. Now it’s not the gender that tells what they can and can’t do. Women’s role from the 19th century is different from the one now. Women back in the time weren’t allowed to do a lot of the things that women do now. A women’s place and only job was to take care of the house. What I mean is that women had to stay home while their husbands went to work. Women had to do the basics which were to cook, clean, and take care of their children. They were housewives in those days. Of course women in the low-class whether they were white or African Am...

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