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Reinventing Government Essay

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Reinventing Government (New Public Management)
To know the real meaning of “reinventing government,” let us take a look first on the definition of reinventing or reinvent. Merriam Dictionary defines reinvent as “to remake or redo completely,” meaning to change, transform or amend; hence, reinventing government means transforming the government into a new face. It is believed that for a government to be effective and efficient, it needs strategic government reforms. According to Osborne (2007), in order to succeed in reinventing government, one must be strategic for this takes a long journey. Reinventing a government is not just a snap of fingers; it takes long and twisted roads to attain success. According to the paper presented by Brillantes, Jr and Fernandez, Is There a Philippine Public Administration, reinventing government has something to do with New Public Management (NPM). It stated the importance of...

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