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State Government Outline Essay

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State Government Outline
The state government of Georgia is the United States governmental body established by the Georgia State Constitution. Georgia is a republican form of government with three branches legislative, executive and judiciary. The Georgia general assembly is the state legislature of the state of Georgia. It is bicameral consisting of the senate and the House of Representatives, The general assembly’s 236 members serve two year terms and are directly elected by constituents of their district. The general state constitution vests all legislative power in the General Assembly. The general assembly meets in the Georgia state capital Atlanta, Georgia In Georgia the executive branch is the largest with 99% of the state’s budget devoted to its activities. In doing so, the governor yields strong wields strong budgetary powers. Georgia has 14 Congressional districts, an increase in one seat following the 2010 United States’ Census. Executive Authority rests with the governor in the state of Georgia. T...

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