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Federal Vs State Government Essay

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Does anyone know what powers do the federal and state governments have? Well, the author will explain in detail what power is extended to the two levels of government. She will also explain the limitations that they both have. The author will describe the similarities that are between the state and federal government. Please enjoy the world of government that the author will take you through. The federal government was given many powers that people don't know. The federal government's powers are stated in the Constitution, within article one, section 8. The federal government has the power to make laws necessary and proper and to add new states into the United States. They also can enter into any treaty, become an alliance, and declare war with any foreign state. The federal government also can decide the punishment for treason. The federal government is the power of the military by supporting, regulating, and raising the correct troops. They also employ and provide the Postal service. The money in coins along with their value and issuing bills of credit and foreign coin is also a power that the federal government has. The federal government is the one who sets the walls and boundaries for bankruptcy. They also made the laws fo...

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