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Governments Underestimated The Threat Presented By Essay

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‘Most Tudor governments underestimated the threat presented by rebellions in England and Ireland.’How far do you agree?

Tudor governments during the Tudor period dealt with rebellions in different ways, whether most governments underestimated the threat posed by them will be dependent on how well and effectively they reacted and responded to theses rebellions. Most Tudor Monarchs were either not prepared or faced the consequences of their most serious errors, however factors that will have to be taken in consideration are how governments consulted with their advisers, how governments gathered information, the role of communication to nobles and officials in rebellious areas and the time bought when they had limited resources. How well governments dealt with rebellions before they became too dangerous and the decisions to raise troops will also be considered, as they too decide whether or not most Tudor government underestimated the threat posed by rebellions. How well Tudor Monarchs consulted with their advisers is one factor that can determine if they underestimate the threat posed by rebellions. Henry VII for example dealt with rebellions most effectively with his councillors as he picked his most trusted household servants for advice, In comparison to Henry VIII who left the strategy of combating rebellions to his principal ministers did not deal with rebellion as effectively, as when raising money for the Amicable Grant Wolsey raised £260,000 in forced loans which despite promising to pay back and there was already rising unemployment in the area of the rebellion which added to the resentment and ultimately lead to rebellion. Mary in comparison also relied on her councillors to deal with rebellions, but unlik...

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