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Corruption In The Government And Regulatory Essay

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Name: Roland Pauliner
Registration number: 1203089

Class teacher: Juan Ruiz Flores

Full title of essay:
Corruption in the government and regulatory agencies

Word count: 2795

Module: Sociology of Crime and Control

Degree course: Criminology, second year
Academic year: 2013-2014


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Corruption in the government and regulatory agencies

Essay question: In what way do U.S. corporate interests influence U.S. politics and the actions of law enforcement agencies?

Police reports, alongside with the media deceives us to believe that the most dangerous delinquencies are ordinary street crimes (burglary, assault, drug dealing, etc.). The problem with these reports is that the real issues remain under the surface, unreported and undealt with. Today’s competitive culture led to the rise of the greatest financial crimes of history to date. Most criminologists ignore white-collar crime, partly because of the complexity of these crimes and partly because of the difficulty to investigate them. Such crimes of the elite are concealed and extremely lucrative, but are also damaging to the economy, nature, and most importantly, they indirectly affect human lives. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild argued ‘Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws’ ( Large corporations are one of the most dangerous criminals of the modern world, using their power to manipulate politics and law making policies for their own benefit. I believe that this is a very real and worrying topic, not only for criminologists, but for the general public as well. This paper is about the crimes of the powerful, approached from a rather unusual perspective. Those few criminologists who are interested in investigating these crimes often analyze the internal activities of these corporations but pay no attention to external relations. The main aim of this essay is to highlight these affairs, the influence of U.S. corporation interests on political decisions and how these, in turn, cause the self-corruption of U.S. police forces. We start with questioning the Police, FBI and CIA practices by focusing on the influence of politics on them. Then, we proceed to analyze the link between political wrongdoings and corporation securities. Finally, we will list a number of possible solutions and reforms.


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The Police is the very entity that operates openly to, and with the public in order to reduce crime; deter and monitor criminals and to protect the community. For most people, the mere presence of a police car or an officer enhances the feeling of security. We blindly trust officers, confident that their actions serve the benefit of the greater public, often not taking into consideration the ‘human factor’. The police is the lowest law enforcement agency in the hierarchy, mostly dealing with street crimes, but large monetary awards can graft officials and rapidly transform these street crimes into more serious offences. Inquiries conducted by Federal and State committees exposed a notable number of cases that involved police corruption. The criminal drive behind this is obvious, if we consider the highly-valued commodity officers can provide: invulnerability from the law. Other than that, criminalizing a list of actions, allow the existence of highly profitable black markets, such as prostitution or drug dealing. As the vast profit of these markets, it is not surprising that individuals who are involved in illicit industries are willing to buy protection. Payments are common in large cities as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and others. In some cases corruption becomes so integrated in the police community that officers who refuse to accept payoffs are marginalized. Other investigations discovered a list of other serious offences...

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