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The Messenger
Part 2
The stones of home: Aftermath:
1. What is the Annual Sledge game? What does it symbolize to Marv and to Ed?
The Annual Sledge game is a barefoot game of football. To Marv and Ed it symbolizes tradition within the group. 2. Why does Sophie seek out Ed in the park? How does she react to the Doorman?
Sophie seeks out Ed in the park because she misses him and she is curious. When she meets the Doorman she is confused as to whom it was but she then gives him a friendly pat.

The Visit:
1. Why did Keith and Darryl beat up Ed? If their message from their boss is about caring, why are they so violent?
Keith and Darryl beat up Ed because they are hit men who got told some strict instructions to do. This is why they are so violent but they keep apologising to Ed. 2. Isn’t that contradicting what they want Ed to do?

It is contradicting with what they want Ed to do, but they have to do it because they got paid to do this to Ed. The Envelope: 1. Who do you think is sending Ed the cards?
I think it’s someone who knows Ed quite well because if it was just anyone they probably wouldn’t have chosen Ed for this. 2. What is motivating about the words in the letter to Ed, ‘very impressive indeed; congratulations, and you did it’?

The words “very impressive indeed; congratulations, you did it” are motivating words because the person who wrote the letter was praising Ed. This could make him feel really good about himself because he did a good job. Just Ed: 1. What two words from Audrey demoralise Ed? Why do they have this effect? When the word just is used to describe a person, their beliefs or their occupation, is the effect always disheartening?

The two words that demoralize Ed is when Audrey says “Just Ed”. They have this effect because he thought that he meant more to Audrey. 2. What does Ed reveal through his concern/anguish about the cards in his conversation with Audrey?

Ed reveals that he wishes that someone competent was chosen instead of him. He gets angry while talking to Audrey about what happened with the man at the cathedral. Cabs, the Hooker, Alice: 1. Why do Alice’s actions make such an impression on Ed?

Alice’s actions make such an impression on Ed because he liked customers like her. She was nice to him and he wished she could have been with him. The Stones: 1. How do Ed’s words ‘Don’t blame it anymore, Ed. Take it’ change the course of his life? What do they mean? What does it stand for?

Ed’s words change the course of his life because he knows he has been chosen to do whatever is said on the cards and he has to suck it up and just do it. 2. What do Ed’s words ‘how well do we let ourselves kno...

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