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Tenacious D Musical Analysis Essay

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Musical Analysis
Tenacious D are famous for their distinctive writing style where Jack Black incorporates his personality into their songs. Tenacious D have been in the industry for the past 2 decades. Their variety of vocal timbres and the use of characterisation within their songs to tell a tale. Their style incorporates aspects of classical folk music and hard rock proving their versatility. “Tribute” and “The Metal” are two of Tenacious D’s hit’s which vary in genre proving that their style can branch off to separate genres. Tribute

Tribute is a perfect example of Tenacious D's style. The clean acoustic guitar is a key timbre that is heard throughout many of their songs which reflects the aspects of folk music. The riff played in the intro creates an ostinato; the minor chord that the riff is based around creates a mysterious atmosphere in collaboration with the lyrics being spoken in a deep tone, giving the song a campfire story feeling. Almost all of Tenacious D's riffs have a tight, clean acoustic timbre with little effect. This combination of the guitar and vocal timbres, the A minor chord being repeatedly strummed and broken up give the song an eerie campfire story feeling. As the intro progresses the vocals change from a deep, monotone, spoken timbre to a strong and powerful yet very deep and melodic vocal line. The acoustic guitar is key to the campfire atmosphere, in collaboration with the guitar, the spoken vocals are also key to that campfire atmosphere as the pitch and timbre of the vocals change depending on which character in the story is being portrayed. Melody is one of the less impor...

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