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If Canadian Government Spent More Time Helping Country Bec Essay

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Québec's unique culture can only be found within the province's geographical boundaries; Champlain founded these in 1608, precisely four centuries ago. This long routed heritage is culturally symbolic and important to Québécois. Proof of this can be viewed all over the province with the Fleurdelisé, their official flag, flown high. Canada's government has failed repeatedly in respecting their French heritage. The major breaking point is most prominently seen on October 17th 1970 when the radicals of Front de libération du Québec's actions caused the then liberal government to feel an urgency for enacting the _War Measures Act._ If Canadian governments directed more time and energy-bringing Canada together as a bilingual nation, not an Anglophonic dominated one, problems, like the October Crisis, would never have to be faced. [2: Marcel Rioux. Quebec in question, ed. and trans. James Boake. (Toronto: J. Lorimer, 1978), p. 3. ][3: Government of Québec. An Act respecting the flag and emblems of (Québec: 1999), c. 51, s. 1.][4: The Front de libération du Québec is also otherwise referred to as the "FLQ" for short.][5: J. M. Bumsted. The Peoples of Canada: A Post-Confederation History. 3rd Ed. (Oxford U. Press, 2008), p. 401-2]

Long time problems in the school system pertaining to language rights, and what language was most important, were carried over to present day youth. People felt that one language should not be more dominant over the other. Canadians' opinions stay the same, only differing between the two language groups, however become blatant with any threat of assimilation. This is raised from a lack of support the Government(s) of Canada, past and present, has shown to strengthen bilingualism, rather than one language, in the en...

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