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American And British Government Essay

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Government, a group of people and agencies entrusted with making and carrying out laws and policies agreed on by the larger population. A government can be classified into many types. A few types of government are democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, and dictatorship . During the analysis of this paper we will compare and contrast the variance and similarities of both the British system of government as well as the United States presidential system of government. Her Majesty's Government, commonly referred to as HM Government (HMG), the British Government or Whitehall (where most of its departments are located), is the central government of the United Kingdom. British have a Parliament and they also have a government. Government runs the country and is also elected by the people. Parliament also known as Westminister represents the people. Parliament is the highest legislative authority in the UK. It has responsibility for checking the work of government and examining, debating and approving new laws. It is also known as the Legislature. .Parliament is the seat of the British democracy. Parliament is the supreme legislative body of the state .Parliaments function is To pass laws .raise enough money through taxation examine government policy and administration and discuss important political issues. The united kingdom is divided into constituncies .Each constrituency elects one member of parliament to sit in the house of commons today there are 659 seats in the commons. All british citizens can vote if they are over 18 years of age .Insane people and prisoners can also vote .If a member of parlliament resigns or dies a by- election must be held. MPs are chosen by the constiruency branch of the party .There are three political parties in Britian.The Conservative Party The Labour Party The Liberal Party .The Conservative Party is the party of the right. They support The idea of economic freedom Patriotism Receiving money from big companies and rich people and Law and order and strong armed forces. The Labour Party is The party of social justice. Achievement of wel...

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