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Google And The Government Of China Essay

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Google and the Government of China:
A case study in Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Develop a negotiations planning document using the Kellogg format in Exhibit 11

Issue Google Chinese government
Purpose of negotiation Priority: 1 Position: focuses on profit and brand management Priority: 2 Position: technological, economic gaining
Interests: A population of 1.3 billion along with a growing economy makes Chinese market extremely important for Google to enter Interests: It wants Google to provide its citizens and companies with the access to the very best technology, eventually, an achievement of technological parity with the US. Also, China knows the nation’s economy will be improved by internet access and use. Level of censorship Priority: 2 Position: doesn’t want to comply with the level of censorship required by China Priority: 1 Position: Requires Google to comply with China’s level of censorship

Interests: The image of Google in the media and among investors will be seriously damaged if it act antithetically to its philosophy of “Don’t’ be evil” It might affect negatively to the future prosperity of the company. Interests: China’s leaders desire to improve their nation’s economy while preserving political stability. They want to censor political discussions to prevent “westernization” of China, Timing of Google acquiring Chinese domain Priority: 3 Position: Google wants to acquire “.cn” as soon as possible before firms from other countries step in. Priority: 4 Position: China also wants to work with Google, sooner but it is not as much urgent for China

Interests: The sooner it could distance itself from its American roots by adopting “.cn” domain, the sooner it becomes a member of “in-group” in Chinese culture which will lead to greater revenue streams. Interests: China is already working with other American companies such as MSN or Yahoo, so this negotiation is not so critical for China than it is for Google in time wise. Services Priority: 5 Position: Google might want to provide China with only minimal number of services Priority:6 Position: The Chinese government would want to be provided with all the services Google normally offer.

Interests: If Google also provide services such as Gma...

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