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Extent Should Government Protect Minority Rights Essay

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To what extent should governments protect minority rights?

Nearly every nation in the world has some form of minority groups from within it. These minority groups aren't limited to ethnicity, race or religion but can also include language, nationalities, sexual orientation, gender, economic and political groups . However the most domineering groups that seem to be asking for substantial sacrifices made on behalf of the majority of Canadian citizens safety, interests and welfare are Francophones, religious groups (Sikhism in particular) and homosexuals. Due to the Francophones rough history (FLQ crisis, separatists etc.) with the rest of the country and the government, political parties go out of their way to make promises to Quebec in hopes of preventing separation threats again. Religions such Sikhism have traditions that include carrying ceremonial daggers called "Kirpans" , however it is inappropriate to allow this small group of people to be able to go into populated areas such as court or school with such weapons when everyone else isn't allowed to have such a device. While gay and lesbian marriages are growing more and more popular, they're also growing more and more offensive to the majority of the Canadian population has a Christian based religion . The length to which the Canadian gov...

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