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Health And Social Care Essay

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For -1 part 1 I will be describing the 9 different bases discriminative practices which are; Culture, disability, Age, Social class, Gender, Sexuality, Health status, Family status and Cognitive disability. Although within health and social care discrimination practice against the care values, unfortunately discrimination still goes on in the health and social care setting.


Culture is very important to people because it helps them to identify who they are in the world. They develop it within the social group they are raised in, and they can change it when they mature enough to decide for themselves what suits them best. In the health and social care profession, respecting a person’s culture is important for all involved. It is especially important for the individual as it creates a sense of care and understanding, supports their welfare and can help their health. It is also important to health and social care professionals because they appreciate the benefits of their care value base and understand the individual better and this underlines the importance of respecting an individual’s culture. There are many ways to discriminate against a person’s culture a good example is from case study 4 work sheet 31a; the Irish traveller was discriminated against by the teachers because of his race when they were “making horrible comments about the gypsies and travellers…saying our site should be closed. And he/she could take action by reporting it to a higher authority.


A disability is a physical or mental condition that limits or effects a person's movemen...

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