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Part I: Pulse Rate
Take your pulse at the wrist, as described on the Work Out tab of 4.02, and record it below. Your count for 30 seconds ___ x 2 = ___ bpmDay 1 _____Day 2 _____Day 3 _____Total _____ divide by 3 = _____ This is your Resting Heart RateObtain your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) by subtracting your age from 220. Example

220 – 21 = 199
1. Subtract your resting heart rate (RHR) that you calculated in Part II above from the maximum heart rate (MHR) that you just determined in S...

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+70 1 10 109.7 129 134.5 179.7 199 2 21 220 3 30 4 4.02 50 64.5 70 85 accept activ add age answer averag benefit bpm bpmday calcul choos complet comput count day describ determin differ divid eat either equival exampl exercis find five follow give good greatest health heart hour ideal ii iii immedi inform intens iv lay least level limit lower maximum method mhr minut monitor night part percent post post-exercis prior provid puls purpos rang rate rateobtain read record recoveri regard reserv rest rhr safe second sit sleep step studi subtract tab take target thr three time total train two upper use wake way work workout wrist x yield zone