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Prevention Of Disease Promotes Healthly Living Essay

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Prevention of Disease Promotes Healthy Living

December 07, 2013

Prevention of Disease Promotes Healthy Living
The intent of this paper is to discuss, analyze, compare and define health promotion and prevention education in all areas of nursing care. There are multiple opportunities for health promotion and prevention education to be emphasized and discussed within our patient population. Health promotion and prevention is comprised or outlined in three levels, primary, secondary and tertiary. First, primary prevention is concerned with minimizing the risks of developing a disease before it materializes and is considered a proactive approach to health promotion. Next, secondary prevention involves recognition of the condition or disease before symptoms are identified and shifting behaviors towards a healthier lifestyle. Third, with tertiary prevention, the condition or disease already exists and symptoms are being treated; however, the goal is to decrease the effects of the disease by restoring functions through rehabilitation (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2011). Lastly, I will explain health promotion implementation methods with a comparison of the three levels of health promotion, primary, secondary and tertiary. Health promotion is a process of assisting individuals to gain more control over their health and wellness and improve their overall well-being (World Health Organization [WHO], 2013a). This is accomplished by “health education and related organizational, political and economic changes aimed at improving health” such as Healthy People 2020 (GCU, 2011, para. 1). To facilitate health pr...

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