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Health Promotions In Nursing Practice Essay

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Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
Health Promotion as defined by World Health Organization (WHO), is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions. (World Health Organization, n.d., expression 1) In the field of nursing, health promotion is vital in a way that nurses unlike the past where we only treat patients with illnesses; few of our focuses nowadays is the prevention of disease and improving the patient’s quality of life. This became essential due to numerous assessments, data gathering and the observation of the need of spreading knowledge in order to address today’s physical and mental issues. In reviewing several articles, the common purpose and goal of health promotion in nursing is the drive to motivate and educate individuals to seek for optimal health. This is achieved through various methods of promoting health. Three levels of promotion are commonly used; primary level, secondary level, and tertiary level. In primary level, its purpose is the preventative approach to avoid illness prior to affecting individuals. This is achieved through various implementations. Educating individuals to promote a healthy lifestyle such as smoking cessation or avoidance can prevent the occurrence of diseases such as lung disorders, cardiac issues, and the possibility of having a stroke...

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