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Nvq Health And Social Care Unit Essay

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Unit 1: Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

Question 1: Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work.

Aspects of employment covered by Law:
- An employment contract
- Health & safety
- Training
- Redundancy & dismissal
- Working hours
- Holiday entitlement
- Sick leave / Statutory sick pay
- Criminal records bureau checks
- Anti- discrimination policies such as; age, sex, religion, disability and race
Main features of current employment legislation:
- Health & Safety legislation
- Employment rights
- Equality & discrimination

Legislation relating to employment:
Legislation, relating to employment exists in order to protect employees, to provide rights and restrictions on employees and employers through a legal contract, as well as regulating and setting standards. It safeguards the interests of both the employee and employer.

Sources and types of information and advice in relation to employment responsibilities and rights:
- Documentation including; contract of employment, employee handbook, company policies
- Internal bodies such as; HR department, line manager, supervisor
- External bodies such us; citizens advice bureau, trade unions, community legal advice

Question 2: Understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer

Terms and conditions of employment:
The terms and conditions within my own contract of employment explains that the terms described in my contract such as: Probationary period, hours of work, holiday, sickness & absence from work, termination & notice period and training costs, represent the principal terms of the agreement between the parties (myself as the employee and my director, the employer). It also explains that the conditions of my employment may change from time to time and these issues will be advised to me. Finally, it explains that it is my, as the employer, responsibility to ensure that I am familiar with and abide by the terms and conditions of the organisation during my employment.

Information shown on pay statement:
My personal information, to highlight who the wages are being paid to, which includes my name, address, National insurance number and the process date of my wages. It shows the details of the organisation that is paying my wages. It also describes the amount earned during the period of pay including expenses (such as mileage) and any deductions such as, National insurance, tax and money borrowed. My payslip also states the number of holiday days taken and how many days remaining, as well as sick days taken. It also shows how much national insurance and tax has been paid since my employment at my or...

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