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Economy Vs Health Essay

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ENGL 1413
27 February 2013
The Economy’s Effects on the Health of Individuals
For the past few years, the economy has not been ideal. It made individuals question what their future would be like in this kind of economy. The main issue for some people, though, is their health. Many people believe that the current economy will affect their health morbidly. People have changed their lifestyles so they can keep up with the economy like perhaps, people with gym memberships most likely cancelled them to save money, or those who get sick a lot rarely goes to see the doctor when they know it would not be a long-term illness so they use home remedies instead. Others rarely go out to eat; they stay home and cook instead, which is healthier, or they could go eat at some place cheap. The economy affects people’s health by changing their lifestyles with their eating habits, exercising habits, and their dependency with the doctors.

First, the economy is affecting health of individuals through their exercising habits. Many people have gym memberships and others have exercise equipments at home but what happens if some individuals lost their jobs? They will prob...

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