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Health And Social Care Unit 3 Essay

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|BTEC level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care | |Assignment Title: :Equality, Diversity and Rights |Grade |Points | |in HSC |(Please circle) |(Please circle) | | |P/M/D |(5 per credit for P, 6 per credit for M, 7 per credit for | |Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in HSC | |D). | |Date Set: September 2012 |Completion Date: 11/12/12 | |Learner Name Jessica Reed |BTEC Number | | |Course Leader: Emma Edmunds |IV Design Date | | |Subject Tutor: Emma Edmunds |IV Assignment | | |IV Signature: |Date | | |Purpose of the unit: | |Understand the concept of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care | |Know discriminatory practices in health and social care | |Understand how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice | |Know how anti-discriminatory practices is promoted in health and social care |

Feedback on completed Unit:

|Tutor will have the opportunity to sign post potential cross reference to other units so the students know they can use this evidence for other units.|

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I confirm that this submission is all my own work and I understand that the grade given is an interim grade until external and internal verification

Learner Signature Jessica Reed

|BTEC Level Two Diploma in Health and Social Care |

|Student name: | |Assignment title: 1 | | Hand out date: 25/09/12 | | Hand in date: 16/10/12 | | Student Assignment Checklist | | | |You must complete the following checklist and make sure you have included everything you need to submit a completed assignment – if not | |your work will be returned to you unmarked. | | | |Have you? | |Tick | | | |Included an assignment brief | |/ | | | |Number your pages | |/ | | | |Include a bibliography and sources for your reference using the Harvard reference system | |/ | | | |Word processed, Spell-checked and proof-read your work | |/ | | | |I confirm that this submission is all my own work and I understand that the grade given is an interim grade until internal and external | |verification. | |Learner signature Jessica Reed Date 27/11/12 | | | |Assessment Criteria: | |P1: Explain the concept of equality, diversity and rights in relation to HSC | | | |Learning outcomes- on completion of this assignment the students will – | |LO1: Understand the concept of equality, diversity and rights in relation to | |health and social care | | | |Scenario: | | | |You work in a residential home. To promote healthy relations between service users, staff and family members your management have decided| |to celebrate a cultural awareness day, which staff, service users and family members would attend. Each member of staff is asked to | |prepare a task to contribute to the success of the day. | | | |Task 1 | |You have been asked to create a brochure in which you explain the meaning of the concepts equality, diversity and rights in relation to ...

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