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Health Screening For Adult Essay

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Health Screening for Young Adult Client
This health screening was completed on a young 24 year old African American woman. She has 2 children. An 11 month old son and a 3 ½ old daughter. They were beautiful children, which prevails the care they received from the parent. She works part-time as personal care worker. She has graduated from Kaplan University with her MA (medical assistant) degree and can’t find a job. Her community is a mixed population with middle to low income families. There a multitude of home owners and townhouses. She appeared to be educated and reliable source for information. Her current situation appeared to be stressful, she seemed tired. However, her townhouse was clean and the children were very well groom. She is current on all immunizations. She receives insurance through the state, and stated “that she would rather have her own through work but something Is better than nothing”. Stated that her only current health problem is sinus problems and seasonal allergies that she has had for years, which is yearly without failure, otherwise she no health concerns. She was born with Cleft Lip and Palate, also VSD and heart murmur. This was all repaired at an early age of 18 months. She had cardiol...

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