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Understanding Electronic Health Records Essay

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Belinda Watts

American InterContinental University

Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

Unit 2 IP

Understanding Electronic Health Records
Professor West
Here you will be briefly learning a little on the history of medical records and how they were kept in the past. With today's technology and the fast-paced growth in the need for healthcare, the means of keeping up with patient records must be changed, pointing to the electronic medical records. This discussion will also cover some examples of advantages and disadvantages and some problems that may occur while incorporating an electronic system.

Understanding Electronic Health Records

The time when the practice of medical record keeping started, may surprise many of us today. There is evidence of this practice dating back to the fifth century BC. The medical practice was dominated by Hippocrates, known as a great physician of ancient Greece (460 BC-370 BC), and others that believed in his works. During this period, medical records were a means...

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