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Complete Health History Perpetus Essay

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Your Name. Perpetus Onsare
University Of Calgary in Qatar
Course Code. NURS 441 –B07 - (Winter 2015)
Instructor. Carolyn Susan Wolsey Angela Unger Waigand (G25D) Due date. 1st February, 2015

Biographical Data
Name. Mr. L.O
Address. Bin Omran, Doha
Country. Qatar
Marital status. Married
Date of birth. 25th September, 1978
Birth place. Kisii
Ethno cultural background. Kenyan
Source. The patient, a 36 year-old male who appears to be reliable and cooperative, gives his own history. Reason for seeking care. Mr. L.O says that he came for his normal health routine checkup and that he has no complain on his health. Mr. L.O says that he had his last routine health checkup about a year ago. Current Illness. Mr. L.O appears to be in general good health. Mr. L.O says he has no illness, pain or disease. Past Health

Childhood Illnesses. Mr. L.O says he has never had any childhood disease. Accidents or injury. Mr. L.O further alludes that he has never been involved in any accident or sustained major injuries. Serious or chronic Illnesses. He has never suffered serious or chronic illnesses. Hospitalizations. Mr. L.O says that he has never been hospitalized. Operations. Mr. L.O reports that he has never had an operation of any kind. Obstetrical History. N/A

Immunizations. Mr. L.O says he received all the immunizations as a child and he regularly gets flu vaccine. He had his last flu vaccine about 3 months ago.
Allergies. Mr. L.O says he has no history of allergies to drug, food or insects. Most recent exam date. Mr. L.O states that he had a dental checkup a week ago and E.C.G.
Allergies. Mr. L.O says no known allergies to drugs, food or insects....

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