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Health And Social Care Essay

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Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care; Assignment 7.1 Cells; the human body has many different cells; each cell has a different job to do. An example of this is hair cells. Tissues; are a group of cells that work together to do a specific function. An example of this is muscle tissue. Organs;

Brain; the brain controls many functions, it sends and receives messages which come from one of your five senses these messages travel around the nerves in your body to the nerve cells in your brain. Eyes; Take information in from around you and send it to your brain. You have different parts of your eye which have different functions which allow you to see. Skin; the skin has many functions; one of these functions is to protect the body. It also helps keep out infection and controls the temperature of the body, if the body gets too hot it sweats to try and cool itself down and if it’s too cold then the hairs on your body stick up to try and catch heat. Heart; Pumps blood through our veins and arteries, it pumps oxygen to the lungs and delivers nutrients around the body. Lungs; the lungs transports oxygen into the bloodstream, they also remove Carbon Dioxide from the bloodstream. The name for this process is Gas Exchange. Ears; your ears collect sounds that are then sent to the brain and are interpreted; they also help your balance. Stomach; the stomach stores food so that it is then digested, your saliva helps breakdown the food you chew. When it gets to your stomach it breaks the food down more so that it turns into a liquid mixture. Pancreas; this is responsible for producing the hormone insulin, which controls glucose levels. If insulin isn’t produced it can lead to diabetes. The pancreas also helps digest food by creating enzymes which go into the small intestine to carry on the proc...

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