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Byu Health 041 Lesson 1 Notes Essay

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compensation—doing well in one area to make up for doing poorly in another area rationalization—giving false reasons or making excuses for your behavior or feelings denial—not recognizing a particular feeling or problem

reaction-formation—not saying how you really feel; saying something contrary projection—putting your faults and problems onto another person; blaming others for your failure regression—acting in childish, immature ways

repression—removing an unpleasant idea or memory from your mind daydreaming—letting your thoughts escape into fantasy or make believe

What is your personal definition of health?
. Should include aspects of health in the physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas. Feedback: I like to think of health in terms of being able to do anything that I want to do and feeling good while I am doing it. I want to be free from mental and emotional baggage. I want to be able to worship in a manner I see fit. I want to be able to have relationships with family members and others, and keep in shape.

mood disorders. Please review the following list:
· Do you feel anxious without any obvious reason?
· Does your anxiety immobilize or terrify you?27
· Do you have extreme mood swings that go from being "high" to overly sad and hopeless?28 · Do you have an extended depressed mood that interferes with your daily activities?29 · Do you severely restrict your intake of calories? Do you purge after eating large amounts of food? Do you eat excessively when feeling stressed or depressed?30 · (If you answer yes to this question, you may have an eating disorder. You will learn more about eating disorders in lesson 2.) · Do you have recurring and unwanted impulses or ideas and a strong desire to ease the discomfort by doing something?31 · Do you have difficulty differentiating between what is real and what is imagined?32 · Are you trying to find relief using drugs or alcohol?

· Have people noticed a change in your behavior or performance? Depression is the most common mood disorde...

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