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Obamacare Satans Healthcare Plan Essay

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Kim Cummings
February 21, 2011
Obamacare – Satan’s Healthcare Plan
Healthcare reform is a very touchy subject these days. Presidential campaign promises have been made in the past to reform the healthcare system but like a lot of campaign promises, they were not kept. There is too much money and politics involved in the current healthcare system. Big insurance companies pay a lot of money to lobbyists to keep the status quo, which is more money coming in than paying out. Healthcare reform was one of the campaign promises by the current president, Barack Obama. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the “Affordable Care Act” into law. Under this law all Americans have access to quality affordable health care.

There are many opinions on healthcare reform. Some people are for it and others are against it, then there are people in the middle who don’t understand it. There is much confusion, animosity, and frustration about this issue. The everyday American is caught in the middle of the healthcare battle between the President and Congress. In his term, President Obama has been compared to Satan and his healthcare reform is his evil creation. Americans are fundamentally religious and the comparison of Obama to Satan is used to imply that Obama and Obamacare are evil. It gives a malevolent connotation to the president and his reform bill. People love to share their opinions and will use a multitude of media channels to do so. I will be examining three types of media that compare Obamacare and Obama to being evil, a Powerpoint presentation sent through personal email, a political cartoon and an article on the internet.

Last week I received a Powerpoint presentation in my email titled “God’s Creation.” The presentation (Unknown) begins with “How Great Thou Art” by Floyd Cramer playing in the background (1). Each of the eleven slides is brightly colored and as slide two scrolls across the screen it states God created the heavens, the earth and gave use fresh vegetables to eat and stay healthy (2). This slide argues that God gave us what we needed to be healthy and to guide us on the right path. With the music in the background, it makes the audience feel warm inside and that God is looking out for us. Slide three scrolls across the screen and states that Satan created Ben and Jerry’s ...

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