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Affordable Healthcare Act In North Carolina Essay

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Affordable Healthcare Act in North Carolina
Affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans was a challenge the government faced. The United States was the only developed country without national health care system in place for citizens. The government actively sought to provide affordable insurance while controlling escalating costs and improving quality care. Americans deserve to have an opportunity to prevent chronic illnesses before they transpire. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the Affordable Healthcare Act impacted North Carolina, its impact on economics, and ethical implications. Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Population

The Affordable Care Act made a positive impact on the lower class Americans in North Carolina. People without insurance are less likely to go to the doctor due to costs. As a result, urgent care or the emergency rooms end up being their plan of care. Americans without health insurance “have less access to effective clinical services including preventive care and, if sick or injured, are more likely to suffer poorer health outcomes, greater limitations in quality of life, an...

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