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Healthcare Delivery System Essay

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Coordinated care is a fundamental aspect when considering the success of patient centered medical homes. This approach takes patient care to a whole new level. Care is coordinated from the moment a patient enters a facility and is followed through after a patient is discharged. The process is facilitated between physicians, nurses, rehab facilities, and at home care facilities. This model supports personal attention to each patient from the moment they arrive in triage or an emergency care center to the instant they are discharged and beyond. Care is followed through from start to finish without any gaps in treatment or communication to ensure proper follow up appointments and overall care of each patient. Comprehensive research has shown that there are many health care organizations that are ready to utilize this health care model in their organization. Humana is a large healthcare provider that has recently revamped their provider relations department. The company’s commercials are promoting the idea of efficient patient care from start to finish by adaptation of this model. The world of healthcare is evolving so rapidly that key changes are essential. The key point in making transitions more effective and efficient is putting patients first. By lessening patient frustrations and simplifying or eliminating paperwork it closes the gap between care and the people. A significant problem that has been confronted since the establishment of healthcare in America is that the U.S. healthcare delivery system does not provide consistent, high quality medical care to all people. Health care harms patients too frequently and routinely fails to deliver its potential benefits. (Wolfe, A. “Crossing the Quality Chasm.” Institute of Medicine Mar. 2001: 1-8. Print.) While the evoluti...

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