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Technology In Medicine Essay

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Technology has increased the healthcare field drastically. Beginning in 2014 all health records must be electronically processed. Technology can make insurance claims easier. Medical faculty will be able to maintain files with specific software which can access all the patients’ data. No physical storage would be needed such as file cabinets. A mammogram is a form of technology used to detect abnormalities in the breast. The process, guidelines, and risks have changed throughout time. I will briefly discuss its use, the technique, the statistics, latest updates, and the positive and negatives of a mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray screening of the tissue in the breast for any abnormalities. Having a mammogram performed doesn’t mean that you have breast cancer although it would help to be screened before the mass becomes enlarged. Health professionals determine whether a lump can be a gland, a harmless cyst, or a tumor. There are many common advantages to a mammogram. Just because a woman has a mass doesn’t mean that she has developed cancer. A normal change in the breast can be mistaken for cancer. Breast infections, nip...

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